Hundreds of DEAD Black Birds Found In Louisiana

The Intel Hub
Jan 4, 2011

500 dead birds have been found near New Roads Louisiana just days after thousands of birds turned up dead in Arkansas and at least ten identical birds were reported dead in Kentucky!

To top it off, Arkansas has been slammed with at least 500 earthquakes since September 20th.

Wildlife officials have confirmed that in Pointe Coupee Parish were found almost 500 dead blackbirds and starlings.

In the community between Morganza and New Roads, on Highway 10, near Labarre Elementary School where found birds lying in roads and ditches.

Samplings collected by scientists from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are to be sent to the University of Georgia and National Wildlife Center in Wisconsin for being tested.

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The New York Times also mentioned the dead birds in La. at the end of their article on the Arkansas mystery. Will we continue to see more instances of birds falling from the sky or all three of these incidents somehow a coincidence?

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