Destiny 2 Crossplay Mistakenty Goes Live

Bungie is looking forward to adding cross-play to Destiny 2 soon but it seems like someone managed to turn on the feature way sooner than it was expected. A lot of Destiny 2 players have reported how they are not only using the cross-play feature but also annoying it. This resulted in Bungie finally realizing what had happened, and stepping in to acknowledge the mistake that they had made.

Players were talking about the cross-play on Twitter when one of the fans asked for a confirmation. This prompted a response from lead community manager Cozmo who talked about how the cross-play had gone live earlier than the planned release, and a fix for this will be coming later this week which will disable the cross-play.

However, if you are looking to have fun, the cross-play is currently working However, Bungie has talked about how this cross-play does not reflect how the full experience is going to be, which means that there are going to be bugs and other issues that need ironing out.

Additionally, Bungie has not talked about a date for the final release of the cross-play but the studio has talked about how the feature would be available in Season 15 which is supposed to go live later this year in August.

For those wondering, Destiny 2 is currently in its 14th season called the Season of Splicer. So, it is safe to say that you still have to wait till August for the 15th season. Considering how people are already loving the cross-play, I am looking forward to seeing how the final version of it plays out. Not just that, with cross-play, Destiny 2’s player base is going to expand exponentially, therefore, allowing more and more people to play the game and have a better incentive to try the game out as well.

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