Do Motherboards Come with Bluetooth?

Everyone wants to have a computer or a desktop with every feature, including WiFi and Bluetooth. You may find them and take their full advantage if you know the proper hardware that comes with all these features.

If you are pondering that do motherboards come with Bluetooth? Then, you are here in the right hands. We have got you covered by highlighting everything related to Bluetooth for your computer.

You will know whether motherboards have pre-installed Bluetooth or not. If not, then what are the other options to make the job done for yourself. Keep reading, and you will find yourself with all your queries solved.

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth?

Bluetooth and WiFi are both peripherals, and they are mostly installed at the same time. Myriads of motherboards with a WiFi card installed by default also come with in-built Bluetooth.

Now to get an answer to this question, do motherboards come with Bluetooth? Keep reading, as stated earlier, that those motherboards or mainboards that have onboard WiFi also have in-built Bluetooth.

It is evident that not many manufacturing companies are bringing motherboards with built-in WiFi, which implies that those motherboards will also be without Bluetooth. It is a common observation that both WiFi and Bluetooth are installed at the same time on many devices. The reason is that both of them provide wireless connectivity.

If you have a motherboard without onboard Bluetooth, don’t worry, we have covered you by listing the best economically alternative ways that can make the game easy for you. So, keep the ball rolling.

Perks Of Having Installed On Your Motherboard:

No one can deny the importance of Bluetooth, and it not only makes the game easy for you but also lets you get rid of those messy wires. Suppose you have Bluetooth installed on your motherboard. In that case, you are free to transfer any data from various devices such as your phone, tablet, or your PlayStation controller to your or any other computer wirelessly.

The best part is that it reduces the mess and declutter your playing space. Wires always take space due to their messy structure. If you can avoid the use of cables, you will give a better look to your computer place because fewer wires mean tidy working space.

Also, cables may stop working at a very crucial time, leaving you helpless. Then, you have no other way to do the task. But if you have Bluetooth, you can still use cables in case of any problem with your Bluetooth.

How to Check if Your Motherboard Has Bluetooth?

Checking your motherboard’s Bluetooth availability is easier. We will highlight three facile yet effective methods that you can use to check if your motherboard has Bluetooth. Here we go:

  • Check if your motherboard has in-built WiFi. If it has, then be sure that it also has Bluetooth. It is because most of the manufacturers built them together.
  • Another method is by having a look at the specifications of the product that you buy. The time you buy a motherboard, consider looking at the packaging and read out its specs. If it has Bluetooth and WiFi, you will find this information there. In case of no respective information, be mindful that there is no in-built Bluetooth, and you will need an external one for your use.
  • Last but not least, in this modern world, Google has made everything accessible and effortless. Simply type “[Brand] + [Product name] Bluetooth” and google it if you don’t have the package or have lost it. Doing this step will show you the details of the product, and you can easily find out if it has in-built Bluetooth or not.

Motherboards with Built-In Bluetooth:

There is a close relationship between the processor or chipset and the motherboard. Some chipset support motherboards with built-in devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth, while others do not.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed brands that offer quality products for their customers. They are:

  • Asus
  • Micro-Star International (MSI)
  • Gigabyte Technology
  • Intel

The mentioned companies hold a record for their quality products and motherboards coming with in-built Bluetooth. Their quality of Bluetooth is excellent and extraordinary. With standard pricing and quality products, you can always consider any of them for your needs.

Alternatives Of In-Built Bluetooth Motherboards:

Do your computer has a motherboard without the in-built Bluetooth? Does it make you frustrated? Don’t get frustrated. You can still use Bluetooth without any mess or clutter, or additional costly efforts. Here we have a simple alternative to the in-built Bluetooth.

You can go and purchase a USB Bluetooth Dongle, and it is an easy and economical alternative that will do the job for you. Once you buy a dongle, it’s not a difficult task to use it. Follow these steps and use this external Bluetooth dongle on the go:

  1. Plug the dongle into any one of the vacant USB ports.
  2. Search for the necessary drivers updates related to your Bluetooth device or Operating System will do this step automatically.
  3. Lastly, connect and pair those devices you want to transfer data between.
  4. Woah! You are all done. Enjoy!

Wondering how to access the Bluetooth settings? Navigate to Bluetooth Settings under Device & Printers in your Windows Settings. Here, you can customize your Bluetooth accordingly.


With the great benefits of using wireless technology, Bluetooth is a wonderful inclusion in your computer hardware. It will declutter your space and will let you transfer the data without the use of any cable. With that said, you need to consider buying a motherboard with in-built Bluetooth.

But if you have already bought one without Bluetooth, don’t panic. You can consider purchasing an external one for your computer that will work the same way as the in-built one.

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