Do Motherboards Come with SATA Cables?

You have planned to buy a computer, and you are aware of the accessories coming with a computer. You also know that a motherboard has been an integral part of a computer. But there is a question that is coming into your mind, Do motherboards come with SATA cables?

A computer is a commonly used appliance today. Not just in offices and school but at every place, whether it be a shop or a cafe, you will come across the use of a computer. This scenario will bring up a desire in you to invest some money and buy a computer.

We have covered you here, and by reading this guide, you will be able to understand that whether a motherboard has SATA cables or not? And if not, then what to do? Also, you will learn how to check SATA ports on the motherboard?

Let’s dive straight into the details:

What is SATA Cable?

SATA Cable

SATA is an acronym for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, and it is a cable with several pins. If you want to understand what a SATA cable do, you need to know about the duty of a motherboard.

You may know that a motherboard connects all the components of a computer to each other. But to do so, a motherboard needs something more, agents. I call cables as agents because they do the same work.

In this scenario, the SATA cable is an agent that makes the connection of a motherboard with a hard drive. It means that the hard drive will communicate with the motherboard via a SATA cable.

You can’t think of an alternative to a SATA cable because it is the only bridge between a motherboard and a hard drive. If you complete this bridge, you will allow yourself to make any changes and edits to the files on your computer. Otherwise, your computer will be of no use.

Do Motherboards Come With SATA Cables?

You have planned to invest in a very important technological appliance, a computer. You will be mindful of the investment you are going to make. Therefore, you are finding out the exact supplementary products that you will need. So, you asked, Do motherboards come with SATA cables?


The answer is a Yes, but a No, as well. Are you confused, right? The reason is the cost or price of the motherboard.

There are several companies that are making and bringing their motherboards with supplementary SATA cables. Many users like them, but many others complain and dislike their product. The reason is the added price.

Just imagine you have invested some extra bucks for a SATA cable coming up with your Motherboard from the manufacturing company. You are not satisfied with the quality of the cables despite the motherboard being great. What will you do?

Obviously, you won’t be happy with the company and will leave a bad review. Therefore, most of the motherboards do not come with SATA cables.

Conclusively, the apparent reasons are two: the choice of the user, the quality of the SATA cables coming supplementary with the motherboard, and the price a SATA cable adds to the overall cost of a motherboard.

Remember, it is always a good choice to go for a motherboard with a SATA cable coming from the manufacturer. They will always consider the compatibility factor, and you will get a fine matching of them.

How to Check SATA Ports on A Motherboard?

It is important to know how to check SATA ports on a motherboard because if you make a mistake here, you will face a big dysfunctionality later while using your newly bought computer.

Bear in mind that there are two types of SATA cables, a Power SATA cable, and a Regular SATA cable. The difference can be identified by looking at their pins and flatness.

A power SATA cable comes with fifteen (15) pins, while a regular cable has seven (7) pins. A SATA cable is flat perpendicularly, i.e., at 90-degree.

Now, as you know more about the types of SATA cables, check out their ports on the Motherboard and decide which type of cable you need. But you will need this only if you are buying the SATA cable separately.

Where Do You Plug In SATA Cable?

Currently, you will have a motherboard along with a SATA cable. It is time to know that where to plug in the SATA cable and start working on your computer. It is an easy and quick process. Here we go:

Mount, the Hard Drive to your computer, check out ports on the back of your computer. Usually, the SATA cable coming installed from the manufacturer has different connectors. They may be either with straight ends or L-shaped connectors.


You need to plug the SATA cable into the hard drive using the connectors. But make sure the SATA cable that you are using has a metal retention clip. These clips are great for securely and perfectly fitting to the hard drive port.

After the fine connection of the SATA cable, connect the power cable. And turn on your computer after completing the other connections, too.

Remember, if you force the cable into the ports, it will end up messing everything for you. So, make sure to take advantage of the metal retention clips if your motherboard has one.


Reading the stated guide will have answered your query, do motherboards come with SATA cables. The summary is that most of them have SATA cables, but many others do not have.

But it is not an expensive material to buy. You can easily get a SATA cable at a local store. Never forget to consider your motherboard’s requirement for a SATA cable. If they are mutually compatible, invest in them. Plug it into the hard drive and enjoy editing and using your files on the hard drive of your computer.

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