Do Motherboards Come with Screws

Many people today love to build a customized PC for themselves, and it makes room for us to consider knowing about the related information. Otherwise, we can leave ourselves in a huge mess.

Sometimes, screws can make a big hassle for you if you don’t know how to fix them. But before you start fixing the screws of your motherboard and computer case, it is essential to understand that do motherboards come with screws?

In this guide, you will get to know the answer to this question. Not just that, we have covered every aspect related to screws and their fixing to make the device functional.

Keep reading till you get all your queries solved. Without any ado, let’s get started:

Do Motherboards Come With Screws?

If this question has just hit your mind, do motherboards come with screws? Here is the answer.

Generally, the screws come with the case of your PC and not with your motherboard. But there are some manufacturers who will provide screws with the motherboards while others do not, and it depends on their choice and policy.

You can check the box for what is coming with it before buying the motherboard or the PC case. If they are providing you with the screws, then it is excellent. Otherwise, check out if they have mentioned buying the screws yourself.

Even if they provide you with the screws, it is always hectic fixing them. Therefore, we suggest you consider taking the help of a technician or your tech-savvy friend who has ample knowledge about assembling computers. Otherwise, you will mess up everything and won’t be able to assemble your computer correctly.

Different Types of Screws With Working:

A motherboard needs few different types of screws to fix it and make it functional. Let’s discuss them each:

Do motherboards come with mounting screws?


As the name suggests, mounting screws are those that are needed to mount a motherboard onto a computer case.

It has been found that no manufacturing company is shipping mounting screws with the motherboard because it may not fit the computer case you are choosing for your PC. Are you wondering what to do next? Don’t worry. Most of the computer cases have screws installed for the fixation of the motherboard.

The compatibility matters. It means that if they do not fit mutually, they are of no use. Also, there is no standard size for the screws and holes of the computer case. With that said, manufacturers are not sending mounting screws with the motherboard.

Do motherboards come with standoffs?


These are the brass screws that are short and usually arrive with the casing of the computer. The name itself indicates the working of the screws. Risers screws are effectively used to attach the motherboard to the backplate of your computer case.

It lifts up the motherboard to a perfect height on the case. The perk of using these screws is that you have space where you can keep the wires underneath the motherboard. Doing so will result in the improvement of the airflow that maintains the heat inside the motherboard.

Do motherboards come with m.2 screws?

M.2 Screws

M.2 Screws are smaller screws than mounting screws, and it has been performing a significant role in holding a very integral component of the motherboard in place.

M.2 Screws are there on the motherboard for giving the M.2 PCI Express SSD cards a stronger hold. This hold is requisite because this card will get damaged due to the vibration of the PC caused by motion or mis-location.

M.2 screws are usually coming with the motherboard, and they are so small that you can quickly lose them. The motherboards have small holes where these screws are already fixed. Therefore, make sure that you keep them safe. Or, you won’t be able to protect the mentioned card of your computer.

Cooling Solution Screws:

Using a computer and not thinking about the heat dissipation or its cooling is undoubtedly an incomplete approach. Your computer needs a complete set of cooling solutions. Without it, you will never enjoy the perks of having a tremendous customized PC.

It is here when the cooling solution screws play a handy role. They are used to mount those cooling materials such as cooling fans, a water cooling pump because you want to prevent your PC from overheating.

But these screws are not shipped with your motherboard. Instead, they come with a cooling solution. The reason is that every cooling solution has a different size of screws type. Therefore, your motherboard has a place to hold them, but it doesn’t have screws. The cooling solution manufacturer supplies these screws.

Final Words:

After reading the guide, you have broadened the horizon of knowledge related to fixing your motherboard onto your computer case. If you know about the types of screws and follow the manual guide of your computer products, you will keep yourself away from the mess and make the process of assembling your customized PC a tidier one.

Here’s a quick recap of the answer that not every motherboard comes with screws. There are various types of screws. They are:

  • Mounting Screws
  • Risers
  • M.2 Screws, and
  • Cooling Solution Screws

We hope that the query you had in your mind won’t exist anymore. Let us know in the comment section down below!

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