Forza Motorsport 8 Will Be Available for Early Playtest Soon

There is no way to overlook the fact that Forza Motorsport is one of the most celebrated series of racing video games and it has been for a long, long time. If you are on a Microsoft console and you have not played the Forza series, then you are doing yourself a disservice. With that said, Microsoft did announce the Forza Motorsport last summer, but ever since that, has been a bit evasive as far as the release date of the game is concerned because they have not revealed the release as well.

However, now it seems that the company is opening up a bit more, and looks like the game could be on the horizon. Why? Well, Microsoft is opening up fan playtesting which will allow the users to go ahead and try the game and give their input about the things they like, do not like, and how they will want things to be handled in the final release.

The news came from the creative director Chris Esaki of Forza Motorsport, who decided to do a Livestream on Twitter and talked about how those signed up for the playtesting should soon get the chance to try out a portion of the game.

For those interested, you can check out the Livestream.

In addition to that, Microsoft has opened up the registration for the playtesting, and if you want to go ahead and sign up for that, you can do so by heading over here.

Being a huge fan of the game, I cannot wait until the next installment of the Forza Motorsport finally launches, but for those interested, the game will be launching on PC and Xbox Series X|S. As far as the release date is concerned, you are going to have to wait for a while until you can get yourself in the driver’s seat as we do not have a guaranteed release date.

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