How Much Storage Do I Need for Gaming? EXPLAINED

A new game just got released. You have been looking forward to getting it once it comes out. But when you download it, a ‘low disk space‘ message appears. This is the moment when you need to find out “How Much Storage Do I Need for Gaming” and we have answered this properly.

In those moments, you genuinely regret not getting a higher storage space for your game. But how much storage do you need, and why?

Why Is My Storage Space Not Enough?

The storage in your computer has a variety of files stored in it. That includes all your games, pictures, movies, downloads, passwords, documents, and more. These take up a lot of space, which becomes an issue when you have too many files on your PC.

When you download a game, the computer has to download all its program files and misc. Many games require a specific value of available storage space to run, without which they would crash or won’t download. Hence, with a high number of files on your PC, storage space is reduced, which deems it insufficient for games.

Another reason is that your computer’s collective amount of storage is lower than what a game requires. It means that all the storage hardware you have does not have the capacity required by a particular game, so that may be a reason why your storage is low.

What Types of Storage Hardware Exist?

Two major storage hardware are SSDs (solid-state drives) and HDDs (hard disk drives) in the market. These both are storage devices, but the way that they operate is different.

What is an HDD?


A hard disk drive is a non-volatile storage device, which means it retains memory even after shutdown. It is usually installed internally on a computer. It contains one or more platters, and data is written to the platters using a magnetic head, which hurries over them as they spin.


It is very commonly used by gamers worldwide due to its availability and affordability. It is the best option for gamers who wish to game without leaving their pockets dry, as an HDD with the same storage capacity as an SSD costs half the price.

Two types of HDDs exist, internal and external HDDs, so gamers are more comfortable buying them due to their flexibility. Different amounts of storage spaces exist for HDDs in the market so that gamers could get the ones suited to their needs.


However, due to their mechanical nature, HDDs are slow, and thus their boot-up time takes very long. Furthermore, a rotating magnet usually makes a loud buzzing sound, distracting or incompetent for hearing quiet sounds in games.

What is an SSD?

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An SSD is a new generation of storage devices, succeeding the HDD. SSDs have an integrated circuit that stores data, commonly using Flash memory which is significantly faster in writing data than the traditional HDD. Gamers usually use both HDDs and SSDs together, as SSDs are more of a secondary storage component.


SSDs are generally much faster than HDDs, as they use an electronic system to write storage rather than a mechanical system. It means that they have a much faster boot-up speed and file transfer speed.

Furthermore, SSDs have no moving parts, making them more resistant to damage than an HDD, which can lose data if it gets dropped or rattled violently, making them much more reliable. They also make less sound while operating.


However, SSDs have a typically shorter lifetime, as they can write and rewrite data only a finite number of times. Furthermore, they are much more expensive than an HDD of the same size, making them inaccessible to gamers with a small budget.

What is More, Recommended for Optimum Gaming?

For the best experience overall, you should pair both an HDD and an SSD on your computer. It uses an HDD for primary storage, as it is very affordable for most—however, SSD for the OS due to its fast boot-up speed.

But you don’t necessarily have to do this. It is primarily up to you on what you want. If you have a tight budget and want the highest capacity, then HDDs are the way to go. If factors like more speed, less noise, and reliability are essential, you then go for SSDs.

But it would help if you also considered other factors before making a choice. Preferences like video editing and animation can alter your final choice, depending on what requirements you need from your disk drive.

How Much Storage Do I Need for Gaming OR Usually Require?

Many games have specific storage requirements which you can search on the Internet. Typical AAA games require as much as 25 GB of space, but that may also vary. The visual elements, gameplay time, levels, and sizes all contribute to its size, hence needing a lot of space.

You can upgrade Storage capacities on most computers. But how much space do you need exactly?

Common Disk Sizes For Gaming

500 GB: This amount of storage is sufficient for the occasional gamer or those just starting to play games. It is affordable and not too demanding, as it is mainly used by people who do not want to overdo their gaming experience. But as you start adding more games to your collection, you would have to delete some older ones or completely upgrade your disk drive.

1TB: This amount of storage is the most widely used and popular amount due to its ample space capacity and availability. It is also much cheaper than before; hence, it is a popular choice among gamers who play many games.

2TB: This much is usually used by gamers who play many games and do some heavy video editing and streaming. If you wish to become a streamer or a youtube soon, this will come in handy, as 2TB is a lot of space and would take a lot of time to fill up.

3TB: Now we’re entering uncharted territories. 3TB is for those people who live by gaming. They invest a lot of money in games or are just building the ultimate gaming setup. Regular gamers do not need that much space, as it is too much for them. However, they might be the perfect option in the long run if you don’t wish to keep upgrading your PC’s storage regularly.


Now it all depends on you. Depending on how many games you play, whether you would keep on playing them or deleting them, your preferences, or your lifestyle, the amount of storage you need can vary. We hope this article was insightful and that you have received an answer to all your questions. On that note, happy gaming!

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