How to Take a Screenshot on an HP Laptop or Desktop

Taking a screenshot on any device which is not your phone can be difficult. Usually, there tends to be no option of a series of buttons or anything of the sort, that you can push, to allow you to take a screenshot on your desktop or laptop.

Screenshots let you take a picture of your display, accurately for storage purposes of that specific information. A screenshot can come in handy when you want to show your webpage to your clientele or your superiors.

It is useful when you want others to be exposed to something that would be relatively difficult if you were doing it through your words or with an explanation. You won’t have to write down the information as quickly as possible.

In short, taking a screenshot is a simple and easy way of having your information easily accessible, whether it be for your own personal use or external use.

This may be able to guide you, in a step-by-step fashion, just how to screenshot on an HP laptop or on your desktop.

Three Methods of Using “Snipping Tool” to Take a Screenshot

This option differs slightly from being a simple screenshot. The snipping tool tends to usually be used for the purpose of accuracy. It will cut the webpage to just how you like it and just the amount of information that you need.

The snipping tool will easily work on all Windows operating systems, regardless of the model of the machine that is being used.

First of all, you will go into the start menu and search for “Snipping Tool”. Once the software has opened on your device, you will find yourself with various options and different kinds of tools.

It’s quite easy to take a screenshot using the snipping tool, all you have to do is click on “New” or “Ctrl + N”. Multiple modes will show up and you can choose the one you feel is right for you. This also has the normal, standard option which allows you to take a simple rectangular screenshot on your computer. However, you can also choose an option that may be more suitable for your project.

Option 1 Free-Form Snip

The option of the Free-Form Snip lets you take a picture of whatever size. It allows you to take a smaller picture of the display if that is all the information you will need. It also allows whatever shape you want. You may take a screenshot that is spherical in shape as well. This allows for variety.

Option 2 Window Snip

The Window Snip is the option that allows you to snap a simple picture of the page that is open on your display. It makes no changes and gives you the liberty to make changes as you please.

Option 3 Full-Screen Snip

The Full-Screen Snip tends to be useful if more than one monitor is involved. It will allow you to take a picture of both screens on both monitors at once. Also, it essentially makes things easier for people who have to work with two screens or larger screens. So it is a picture of your entire display from the monitor.

Saving It

After making a choice, you may press “Ctrl + S” and choose where exactly you want to store your picture. You can choose the folder you want or you can even directly send it to someone if that was the purpose of taking that screenshot.

Take a Screenshot Using Windows Key and PrtSc

In essence, you can consider this to be a shortcut. You can use these steps to take a picture of your display as easily as possible. The first and most important step is that you open the screen you want to take a screenshot of, you press the windows button and the print screen button on your keyboard. There will be a slight flicker on your screen, this will indicate that the screenshot has been taken.

The screenshot and any other screenshots that you have previously taken will be stored in the “Pictures” folder inside your “PC” folder. Apart from that, you may also use the “Ctrl + V” option to paste the screenshot on another platform. You may also just right-click and paste, as people sometimes do.

Using Windows + Shift + S for Screenshotting

This is another easier method that you may be able to choose from. This may seem like a lot, but simply put, this method is just a shortcut to the snipping tool. You may press these keys simultaneously and whatever was present on your display will automatically be saved onto your clipboard.

What you can do is you can paste it into the folder, or you may open it to edit as your, please. It’s not that difficult and maybe the simplest way of taking a screenshot, yet. A couple of keys will help store the display.

Take a Screenshot Using | Markup Hero

Finally, we have the option of Markup Hero. This is said to be the best option, in terms of taking a screenshot, that you can use. This software not only allows you to take a screenshot, but it also allows you to edit your screenshot or the picture that you took, using the same software.

You may access the picture on it and make whatever changes that you deem fit. This improves efficiency and creates an organized and structured system on your desktop of the screenshots that you have taken and may need to use in the future.

You may also use this software to upload these screenshots and you can share them with whoever you want. If your requirement was to share your display with other people, this may be the right tool for you. It will make sure that you get a crisp picture of the display.

You may also use this software to annotate the images that you are capturing. This may be highly useful for people who are trying to explain. You may add notes wherever you want to form a useful page that can be handy and informative for your peers.

Steps to Follow for Using Markup Hero

These are the steps you may follow in order to use Markup Hero to its full potential:

First and foremost, you are going to download the software. It is completely free for all operating systems and you do not even have to sign up anywhere.

Furthermore, it is the easiest way to download an app. It can be used on Linux, Windows, and even Mac and is compatible with almost any software, making it the right software for you.

It is suitable for Chrome as well, which means you can even edit your display on your own browser. The next step is the simple installation that begins when you click on the .exe file that was downloaded. After which, you will press Ctrl + Shift + 1 and the software will start and become usable.

The best part about this software is that once you have taken a screenshot of your screen, Markup Hero will then upload that page onto the web and will allow you to share that screenshot wherever you want. You can use it for whatever purpose. You can share it with your friends or with your colleagues if the screenshot was taken for a project.

As mentioned before, not only does Markup Hero teaches you how to screenshot on an HP laptop, it also allows you to edit as you please. You can add comments, you can crop the picture. You may even be able to change the colors and make them according to your theme.

All this editing allows people to incorporate screenshots wherever they want. You may highlight the words, you want, to stand out and even share links. You have the option of conjoining pages as well if those are your requirements. In short, Markup Hero is the most useful software for screenshotting especially if you want to make adjustments to said screenshot.

Take a Screenshot Using | Snagit

Much like the previous software, this also allows the user to annotate on the picture. There are multiple similar features present and apart from that, the software gives the user a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy screenshotting.

Another option that comes with this software is the option for recording video. The software also has the capability to record a scrolling screen with ease making it all the more useful.

You can follow these steps in order to take a screenshot:

  • You will first open the application on your device. There will be a circular red button. This is called the screenshot camera, you may click the camera to open the option of, either recording a video or simply taking a screenshot of the display.
  • You will have the option of selecting the part of the screen, you want a picture of. The picture will then appear within the app where you can edit it if you want or just save it to your desktop.


You may use your own laptop to take a screenshot, it will be simple, but if you require making alterations, opt for decent software. If you want to take a screenshot for the purposes of a project and you want to make edits, or if you want the option of easy uploads, the software may help. It all depends upon your usage.

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