Hunt Showdown is Getting a New Map and a Weapon

Hunt: Showdown quickly managed to become a cult classic back when it released in 2018. This was a game that was different than everything else that was available in the market at that time and while it did struggle to keep up with the trends, the thing that I love about Hunt: Showdown so much is that it never left its identity and remained as spooky as it wanted to be.

Well, for those who are still playing the game, Crytek is launching a new map, this is going to be the third map ever since the game originally came out in 2018. However, this time around, you are looking at a different one altogether. For starters, you are looking at a map that is on the drier sides, which means that you will not be getting your boots or your pants wet if you know what we mean.

Crytek has launched a trailer that shows a few hints at what the map is going to be. In this map, you are going to be exploring Reeves Quarry, as well as Pearl Plantation. The map also shows a very fancy mansion, a saloon, too. So, the map does look like an interesting one.

Video: YouTube/Hunt: Showdown

The trailer also showed Native American hunters, and by the looks of it, Crytek is going to add a new bow in the arsenal. We do have crossbows at the moment, but having a bow is going to make the game all the fun, especially if you are looking to become an old-school hunter, then you really have to look the part.

At the moment, we are not sure when this update is going to drop but if you are interested, you can pick up Hunt: Showdown on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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