PUBG 2 is Going to be a Direct Sequel with Focus on Realism

PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can be considered to be the battle royale that started it all, and the original game which started a trend of countless games that were released after the original came out. The game’s initial release date was July 30, 2016, and even after almost 5 years, the game is still in the third spot as far as having the most amount of players is concerned. The latest tip that we have suggests that PUBG 2 could be coming soon, and this time around, the game is going to be focused on a more realistic approach.

The information is coming from a renowned tipster when it comes to PUBG PlayerIGN and they claim that they have the inside knowledge about the new project that is apparently in development at Krafton. They also claim that this time around, the game is focusing on modern-day realism. So, maybe you might not be able to use a pan to protect yourself, but hey, we don’t mind as long as the game is good.

This is what PlayerIGN had to say in a tweet,

Insider sources tell me: Krafton is making #PUBG2; a Battle Royale game grounded in realism, and not futuristic. New developers, including those who worked on other BRs are/were recruited onto the existing PUBG team, they’re not forming a new one.

However, this does not mean that the release date is imminent, remember that the original PUBG is still one of the most lucrative projects out there, and the developers would want to make as much money from the original as possible before they can start exploring other possibilities.

Needless to say, the idea of a PUBG sequel that is grounded in realism does sound tempting but I am hoping that PUBG does not become as realistic as ARMA, because then a lot of the charm might be lost. Remember, part of the reason what makes PUBG so good is all the ridiculous stuff that happens in the world, and taking it away would be a disservice to loyal players who still return to the game.

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