The Latest Elusive Target in Hitman 3 Will Make You Work For the Kill

Fans of the Hitman franchise can rejoice as the latest Hitman 3 elusive target is now available but unlike the previous elusive targets, this one is a bit different as it is going to make you think and work for the proper kill. Your target this time around is Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, seems to be an easy target, no? Well, the twist here is that she is using a body double, which means that you are going to have to be absolutely sure before you pull the trigger.

The new elusive target mission takes place in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, as for the target, Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating is a crooked politician who has managed to be in the sites of you, Agent 47. The developers have launched a teaser trailer for the mission, and that explains more about your target Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating. You can check out the trailer below.

Video: YouTube/HITMAN

For those wondering, this elusive target is also available in the free starter pack of Hitman 3, and the contract is going to be available till May 3rd, so you have enough time to get things sorted and get started. This elusive target is a part of Hitman 3’s Season of Greed, which means that you can expect more content in the coming days and weeks ahead.

You should also know that Hitman developer IO Interactive has talked about how they are planning on putting the Hitman series on hold and is going to focus on the original James Bond game that they are developing.

If you are wondering what elusive targets in Hitman are, this feature was announced back in 2016 with the release of the rebooted Hitman game, and these targets are essentially custom created individuals that are added into the existing locations within the game, and they are there for a limited amount of time, as well. Each elusive target is unique and gives a different challenge.

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