7 Common Problems That Interrupt Your Gaming Experience

Gaming laptops have evolved a lot in the past decade, and the credit goes to the rapidly improving technology. You will find a lot of gaming laptops with higher RAM and bigger storage space. Several laptops come with excellent graphics cards and speakers.

No matter how big the specifications are, gaming laptops start to display signs of distress over time. However, there are some simple methods that can help you stop any bigger issues that come in the way of gaming.

1. Overheating Due to Resource Consumption

Excessive heating of devices can result from faulty fans or dust build-up. Even if you are using a robust gaming laptop, you will notice that it heats up after you use it for longer hours. Gaming consumes a lot of resources which heats up your laptop, making the fan louder.

So, if you are wondering why is my MacBook fan so loud while gaming, for example, excessive gaming or the dust inside the air vents can be the reasons. Make sure to clean the dirt particles to allow the fan to rotate properly without any interruption or overload.

2. Poor Battery Life & Quick Drainage When Unplugged

How does it feel when your laptop’s battery drains completely while you are at the final level of the Asphalt 9? Not to mention, it’s more frustrating when you are leading the race. You would never want to face this, for sure. So keep a note of the available battery charge.

If the battery fails to hold the charge for longer, it’s time to replace it. Before you make any investment into purchasing a new battery, check if there’s a scope for repairing the older one. Also, double-check that it’s the battery and not the adapter that is at fault.

3. Slow Game Load Time & Less Responsive Device

If your hard drive is slow, your computer will take more time loading the apps, including the gaming programs. Optimizing your storage space at regular intervals can help solve the problem and turn your computer into a relatively responsive device.

A lot of clutter stored on the hard drive makes your computer slow and sluggish. So, take a tour to understand what programs or files are eating up a bigger volume of space and delete those items right away. If you have heavy game programs installed, uninstall them for now.

4. Bad Internet Signal Disturbs Your Gaming Session

For uninterrupted gaming, you need to have a reliable internet network at home. Make sure your laptop is connected to the WiFi and that the internet is working properly. Else, you won’t be able to play the game on your computer.

Sometimes, your laptop displays no internet, which simply interrupts your gaming session as you are not able to keep pace with the co-players. If the internet is not working properly, try resetting your internet devices, including the router and the modem.

5. Random Shut Down Issues on Computer

You must be familiar with the kernel panic, which results in a sudden shutdown of your system. Sometimes, this keeps repeating for several minutes. In the worst cases, you can experience a system crash which further leads to hardware failure.

If this happens due to gaming, your game must be using more than usual resources that your system fails to manage. There’s nothing you can do to make your computer work again, but you can ask for professional help to fix the problem.

6. Distorted Video Quality While Playing Games

If you see the video on your screen is garbling or distorted, there might be an issue with the graphics card. That’s why it is recommended to use a bigger screen with a higher resolution. The problem can stem from the newer games that demand the latest video cards.

Update your video cards frequently, and make sure to update the network and audio cards. You can install and update video drivers from your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Alternatively, visit AMD or Nvidia sites to get the latest drivers.

7. Repeated Pop-Up Messages that Distract

When playing a game on your laptop, if you notice that a specific pop-up is appearing repeatedly on the screen, it’s time to scan your computer. More often, users download games without checking the authenticity of the link, which sometimes invites malware.

Scanning your computer using an antivirus or an antimalware app can help detect and delete the virus. Next time you download a game, make sure to get it from a legitimate link. This will prevent your computer and data from security threats and hacking attempts.

So, these are some of the common problems that you might face when playing games on your new laptop. Keep in mind the simple tricks that can help you solve the problem without any hard work or hassle. You can enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your computer.

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