The 4 Best Modpacks for Skyblock Minecraft in 2023

Minecraft is one of those rare games that has infinite replayability. The core gameplay loop is simple. Yet within that simplicity is complete and total freedom. Players can spend all their time building massive castles or intricate towns.

Or they can focus on mining for precious diamonds and creating powerful enchanted armors. The game never puts up artificial barricades. You have the freedom to do what you want.

But the biggest advantage Minecraft has over a lot of other games is the ability to modify the game. And for players to create and play custom game modes. These two factors mean players can find so much more to do in Minecraft once they have exhausted all the traditional routes.


One of our all-time favorite custom game modes is Skyblock. It is a survival mode that spawns players on an isolated floating island and challenges them to make use of limited resources to explore the various floating biomes.

Skyblock can be enjoyed as a solo experience. But it is much better when playing with other people. There are hundreds of sky blocks servers here for Minecraft that are constantly populated. Most of these servers are running 24/7 and consistently populated.

4 Best Minecraft Skyblock Modpacks in 2023

But what if you are running your own server? Or playing it solo? You might want to enhance the experience with some mods. We have found the 4 best modpacks that work great in Skyblock mode.

#1. ViesCraft Machines

In Skyblock mode you are living in a world made up of floating islands. Below you are an endless void. Traversing between these islands is the primary challenge in the game. But the ViesCraft Machines mod can make that whole experience a bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable.

This mod gives you the ability to create airships that can navigate through the skies. Air travel has never been so stylish. It also allows you to create ground vehicles that can help navigate the larger sky islands.

#2. SkyFactory 4

This is one of the most popular mods for Skyblock players, as it was designed specifically for Skyblock. SkyFactory is a complete overhaul of the game mode. It adds a whole host of features such as magic, beacons, and a ton of inventive machinery blocks to help you overcome the challenges ahead.

But it also adds a new host of challenges. SkyFactory lets you use different map types. You could decide to have only snow islands. Or create islands full of extremely hostile creatures. The original start is also available for those who prefer the basic map.

The latest addition to the SkyFactory mod is a prestige system. Once you have completed the tech tree and done everything you can, you have the option to wipe your progress and start again with an additional prestige counter.

#3. The Aether

One of the best ways to gather resources in Skyblock is to make use of the Nether. But sometimes you don’t want to venture into that hostile world. This is why The Aether mod is a perfect addition to your Skyblock run.

The Aether is a whole new world, similar to the Nether. You need to build an Aether portal to access it. But once you have the portal built you can move to and from the Aether as often as you’d like. The Aether is filled with a host of new resources, enemies, and treasures to be found. And it pairs well with the ViesCraft Machine mod as well.

#4. Wizard’s Animals

What makes Minecraft so appealing is that the worlds are filled to the brim with life. And not just hostile monsters for you to slay. Minecraft worlds are home to a host of animals from all walks of life. But why just stop at the animals the developers added?

Wizard’s Animals adds a whole host of new creatures to your Minecraft world. And this pairs fantastically well with Skyblock. The mod currently adds over 200 new animals. And a lot of these are birds. Meaning, no matter where you go in your Skyblock world, you are bound to run into a few of these winged beauties.

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