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Last updated: 01 January 2021

Do not forget to go through the Terms of Use before using the theintelhub.com website.

You can only use theintelhub.com service after you accept our terms and policies. Further compliance is necessary to be our loyal user.

These terms apply to all audiences that use our website due to any purpose or access it anywhere or anytime.

When you use or access the Service, you consent to our terms and are further bound to them. You may not be able to access the Service if you disagree with any fragment of these terms.

Academic Property

Theintelhub.com and its licensors are and will continue to be the original creator of its web content, functionality, services, and features.

Links to Other WebSites

Theintelhub.com does not control or own the third-party services and the websites it externally affiliates with.

theintelhub is not accountable for content, terms of services, privacy policies, or any activities and operations of third-party websites. It cannot control the third-party services or their terms and policies.

Thereby, you acknowledge and accept that the theintelhub is not directly or indirectly liable for any harm or evil that the third-party implements. Any loss claimed to be caused will not be theintelhub’s responsibility because of its association with the website or service. Our reliance on the third party is not subject to accountability for its shortfalls.

We recommend a keen examination of third-parties’ policies whether privacy policy of terms and conditions.

Governing Law

These terms are administered and explained as per the United States laws regardless of their disagreement with the law stipulations.

Upon meeting failure to execute any provision or right over the terms would not mean rejecting your rights. If some part of the Terms is entitled unenforceable or void in court, the remaining requirements will still stand. The terms incorporate a complete agreement between all parties concerning theintelhub’s services, replacing all previous contracts over its Services.


We own the liberty to change or alter the terms of use at any time upon our inclination. If we feel the need for a revision, you will be well-informed of the change a month before. It will be entirely our choice over what difference we bring in the terms.

As you access and keep utilizing our services once those changes are implemented, you accept the websites’ new terms. If you do not, it is in your best intentions to stop the use of theintelhub.com.

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