How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9 [FIXED]

The software you use comes across some bugs and complications. The developers put their efforts into making the software efficient and user-friendly. The same applies to the System Software of your PS4. For smooth and fast working of your PS4, you are required to update your PS4.

You are all set to go for it when you encounter an issue that holds you back from completing the update. This issue is called PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9. If your PS4 doesn’t update, it will make you face many other errors. Therefore, you have to fix this issue.

Fortunately, here you will get a quick official method that will fix the issue for you. Thus, it will make it facile for you to update your PS4 System Software.

Why does PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9 Occur?

Let’s dig a little deeper and understand why you face a PS4 error code SU-42481-9. A user experiences this issue mainly in two events: either when a user wants to connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) or update the System Software of the PS4. Here are the two main reasons that prompt the error:

Temporary Files Are Corrupted:

The PS4 you are using may contain some temporary files that don’t allow your PS4 to update appropriately. Consequently, your PS4 encounter an error.

Updating Files Are Not Effective:

The possibility is equal that the updating files you are using are not working correctly. Either you have downloaded it from the unofficial source, or the file has been corrupted. In both cases, it is difficult for your PS4 to complete the update.

At this stage, you would have understood the core reasons that cause the issue. Before we jump straight into the solution, make sure that you have removed all disks from your PS4 console before proceeding. Also, get your PSN credentials ready because you are going to re-enter them during the updating process.

How to Fix Error Code SU-42481-9:

You will read about the three methods or solutions on how to fix the PS4 error code SU-42481-9.

Method 1: Using a Stable Internet Connection:

An internet connection plays an indispensable role in eliminating the issue. According to the official website of the Sony PlayStation, you are required to use a wired internet connection for a better and stable Internet.

Then stick to the given steps to complete the update:

Step 1: Reboot your PS4 console after connecting it to a stable Internet Connection—mostly wired connection is preferred.

Step 2: From the PS4 function area, select Notifications. Then, point over the update file and press the Options button followed by Delete.

Step 3: Head over to Settings and then System Software Update.

Step 4: Your PS4 will start the update, and the issue will be fixed.

If the issue is repeating consistently, try to update the System Software of your PS4 using a USB.

Method 2: Power Cycle Your PS4:

Power cycling is a necessary step when it comes to solving the issues related to your PS4. In Power Cycling, you allow the console to recreate everything after all the power is drained off when you shut it down completely.

Here is how you can do it effectively:

  • Power off your PS4 console completely.
  • Next, remove the power cables off the console.
  • Finally, press then holds the Power button of your PS4 for a longer time. Usually, it is about 30 seconds until the total power is drained out of your console.
  • Now, keep your console idle for 5 minutes. Then, plug in the power cables and start your PS4.

Check for the error. It will not persist, and you will be allowed to connect your PS4 to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Method 3: Updating Via Safe Mode:

If you are still facing the issue, using the Safe Mode to update your PS4 console can do the job for you. A safe mode in your PS4 can be used for doing fundamental tasks to fix unexpected error codes and issues.

First, you need to access the Safe Mode and then start updating your console. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Press the Power button of the PS4 to turn it off. You will notice the indicator light blinks several times.

Step 2: Next, Press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps. Usually, you will hear the first beep by pressing the Power button; the other beep will be heard after several seconds of holding the Power button.

Step 3: Now, your PS4 is in Safe Mode.

Step 4: Connect your DS4 controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

Step 5: You will have a list of options. Select the Update System Software option and choose Continue. Wait for it till the update process is finished.

You will be shocked to see the issue resolved.


Whenever you face any issue while updating your PS4 console, it could be the PS4 error code SU-42481-9. The main reasons that cause the issue are two:

  • The temporary files are corrupted
  • The update files are not effective

After you know the reasons, let’s troubleshoot the issue. Here is a quick recap of the solutions:

  • Using a Stable Internet Connection
  • Power Cycle Your PS4
  • Updating Via Safe Mode

Pursuing the methods you read above will resolve the issue, and you will use the latest version of the System Software for your PS4 console. The benefit of using the latest version is that it has fewer chances of errors and issues. Consequently, you can enjoy your time with your PS4.

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