Xbox One Turns On then Off Instantly

If you are here, that is because your Xbox One turns on then off instantly? When you turn it on, the Xbox One starts blinking and then turned off? If it is happening to you, don’t panic. You are here to know about the complication and its solution. Xbox One is a great gaming console.

Using your Xbox One is fun and exciting. But it is annoying when you are in the mood for gaming, but you face an issue. You turn on your Xbox One, but it turns off instantly. This happening may ruin your mood. Therefore, it is an excellent move to take care of it for a good gaming experience.

You may ask yourself:

Why Xbox One turns on then off instantly?

The answer to this question is not a single word. Rather it is a group of words because the reasons are many. If it is happening to your console, try checking out for these:

#1. Hardware Issue:

  • The Xbox One may have hardware made of a faulty Power Supply Unit. A faulty power supply unit triggers the initial burst of power on the boot. It may cause the Xbox One to turn off instantly after the boot.
  • Your Xbox One can have a damaged Motherboard due to the spilled liquid on it. A damaged motherboard can make the Xbox One turns on then off instantly.

#2. Faulty Cables:

We all know that providing enough power to any electric machine is essential. This supply of power can be stopped mainly by using faulty cables.

#3. Software Complications:

You may encounter the problem because of the software issue. If your Xbox One has got faulty software, never compromise on it. Your console will repeat the issues until you have resolved the software.

#4. Overheating:

  • Overheating is the major cause of the instant turning off of the Xbox One. It is because the hardware cannot run in high-temperature space. Therefore, it turns down to turn on the system.
  • Also, if the Heat Sync and Fan of the Xbox One are not working properly, the Xbox One may encounter this issue. They are not providing enough heat to the console.

How to fix it?

After you successfully diagnose your Xbox One, you can easily apply a solution. You may solve this problem in the first attempt. But sometimes, the issue is recurrent, and you have to try multiple methods to solve the issue. Here’s a list of the solutions that you can try yourself.

1) Resetting the Console:

The best possible method to fix this problem is to reset the console. When you reset the console, you have given two options. You can either keep the games or delete them. This will bring back the console to its original factory specifications.

To reset the console, try these steps to avoid losing your games and applications.


  1. Go to “Setting.”
  2. Select “System,” and then choose “Console Info.”
  3. You will see the option “Reset and keep my games and apps.”
  4. Click on it, and you are done!

2) Long Pressing the Power Button:

When the Xbox one turns on, then off instantly, you can fix it by fixing its boot. To do so, press the power button for longer. You can hold the button for about 10 seconds. Holding the button for longer will result in the reset of the console. This will fix the problem.

It has been found that pressing the Eject Button several times results in positive. But it is not always working. That’s why it is up to you.

3) Changing Power Outlet:

As mentioned earlier, the power supply can be a dangerous cause of this issue. To fix it, it is always suggested to replace it with a power supply unit that can provide enough power.

Using a power outlet that is shared by many other appliances can decrease the power delivery. You can avoid the decrease in the power input to your Xbox One by using a separate power outlet.

4) Heating with a Blow Dryer:

It was stated above that the reason for the instant turning off of your Xbox One might be the heat intake. Make sure to keep the temperature of the console optimum. Do not overheat or Supercool the console.

It is always a good idea to heat your console with a blow dryer of average temperature. You can supply this heat for 3-5 minutes. Apply the warm air on the heat sync and fan of the Xbox One. This will fix the problem for sure.

Video: YouTube/Richard Aranda

Apart from using a Blow Dryer, it is crucial to keep your Xbox One switched off for several minutes. This will let it cool down. Also, you need to make sure that the fans of the console are clean. When the vents of the console are clogged, this issue has been noticed. Try cleaning it out. It will work instantly.

5) Remove the Peripheral Devices:

The external peripherals, External Hard disk drive, USB devices, etc., can also be big trouble for your Xbox One. It can affect the boot system of your Xbox One. Therefore, the suggestion is to remove and unplug any external peripherals during the booting process. Once your Xbox One has booted successfully, you may plug it in again.


  • Xbox One is such an incredible innovation from Microsoft. But being a machine, you can face problems that you need to troubleshoot. One of them is when your Xbox One turns on then off instantly. Here’s a concise troubleshoot:
  • The problem is mainly due to the Power supply issue or sometimes a boot issue. Overheating may also be a cause of it.
  • To fix it, we should consider:

o Resetting the console.

o Holding the power button for a long to reset the system.

o Changing Power outlet will help to sufficient power supply

o Heating with a blow dryer is also a good step

o Unplugging the external peripheral devices.

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