FEMA Is Looking For 140 Million Food Packages, Blankets, And Body Bags

Jan 24, 2011

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UPDATE: The DHS is also looking for a supplier that will provide various fuels in the event of a potential disaster.

DHS mentions a few states that could use the fuel in such a situation: Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and both South Carolina and North Carolina.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is also seeking  Hydration Supplies that could be useful after a potential disaster occurs in the New Madrid Fault System. They also want to purchase blankets, food and underwater body recovery bags.

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Before we go into the details, I would like to state the importance of an article like this one, but we also need to keep in mind that we shouldn’t reach unwarranted conclusions or start taking irrational actions out of concern. We should also note the fact that the fear instilled by FEMA’s actions is a good thing for people who are awake.

There is no doubt that we should always be prepared for a disaster. Water, food and ammunition are very important, no matter the provider who wons the contract for supplying them.

FEMA requested information regarding the availability of a number of 140.000.000 food packages that are to be used in the event of a disaster within the New Madrid Fault System. This information would tipically sound like disinformation meant to scare people, but this is a situation wich is thoroughly documented.


FEMA regularly buys and stocks food to be able to help in the shortest possible amount of time the survivors of a potential disaster. This RFI (Req. for Information) was made to help identify suppliers for food that can be used in support of disaster relief efforts, in the event of a disaster in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Those meals could be used by 7 million people and should last for a period of operations of 10 days. The agency is looking for 14M meals/day with the following nutritional specifications:

-12 ounce serving size (it shouldn’t have more than 480 calories)
-one meal should not have over 1200 and/or 1165 calories
-between 29g-37g of protein per kit
-0 trans fat
-13g of saturated fat (9 calories/gram)
-47 grams of total fat
-sodium shouldn’t exceed 930 mg

The Menus should include snacks (that is candy, chocolate, condiments, fruits). All packages of food should have the expiration date 3 years after the delivery date and they must be friendly to the environment.

An interesting thing is that the agency is also looking to buy a large amount of blankets for EXACTLY the same reason, so this raises a question. Does FEMA kave a clue about what kind of disaster could happen or are they just preparing for a catastrophic event to help the citizens? Most informed people know that history is bound to repeat itself and history tells us that this agency was caught by surprise many times by various disasters and there were many times when it didn’t offer support to people.

Although many people who work at FEMA are definitely good and hard working, their bosses have set up a large number (thousands) of FEMA camps across the United States in secret, camps that have been put in place specifically for US citizens. The idea that FEMA camps even exist was looked upon until recently, but the investigations of the alternative media have led to their discovery. This isn’t just a rumor, this is documented fact.


FEMA regularly buys and stocks blankets to be able to help in the shortest possible amount of time the survivors in the event of a disaster. This RFI was made to help identify sources of supply for the needed blankets that can be used in support of disaster relief efforts, in case of a disaster within the New Madrid Fault System. FEMA is looking for 14M blankets per day that can be utilized by a population of 7 million survivors. These are the specifications taken into consideration:
-blankets should be 100% cotton;
-66 x 90

These requests for information line up with NLE 2011. FEMA plans emergency exercises to simulate a very large disaster within the New Madrid Zone. The National Excercise is scheduled to take place in May 2011. Other excercises like this have led to 70 thousands people being evacuated in central Texas and the most popular news outlets ignored this issue almost completely.

Could a very large earthquake hit the New Madrid Fault Zone? What it has to do with HARPA and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

A recent University of Illinois report says that a magnitude 7.7 or much higher earthquake could strike the New Madrid Area, chances of this happening being very high.

An earthquake with this magnitude could kill up to 3,5 thousands people and injure 80 thousands others, according to the  Chicago Headlines Examiner.

The same report states that:

  • 715,000 homes and other buildings would be lost or suffer damage
  • 7.000.000 citizens will lose their homes
  • 2.600.000 households will not have electricity
  • the disaster could mean losses of  $300 Billion

Even more to be concerned about, DHS is also looking to buy underwater body bags and has contacted multiple vendors for this.

RFI Department of the NavySPAWARSYSCEN (Code 51610) is interested in buying underwater body bags that can be used in the future for recovery operations of bodies and different body parts. The equipment has this DHS AEL (Authorized Equipment List) item number: 03WA-01-BAGB: Underwater Body Bags. This information is intended for public resource dive teams and all submittals should be suited according to their needs. This information is being reviewed for System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER), a Program established by the U.S. DHS. This Program is aiming to conduct comparative assesments and validation of equipment  and systems. Another goal is to provide those results with the emergency responder community. More information about the SAVER Program is available at https://www.rkb.us/saver.

We should also note the fact that this preparations take place at a time when food riots are foreseen by globalists in the entire world and people are starting to buy massive amounts of food.

I would also like to state the importance of stocking up soon on nonperishable food, and I cannot stress this enough. Choose any company or place you want to purchase storable food.

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