How to Deactivate PS4 Without Waiting 6 Months

Playstation 4, popularly known as PS4, is one of the leading video game consoles worldwide. Developed and launched by Sony Computer Entertainment, PS4 is the successor of PS3, which was previously launched in 2006. The high dynamic range video supported by the console and accelerated resolution along with graphics made it a top competitor with the other famous gaming consoles, namely Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

If you are someone whose PS4 is stolen by chance or you’re thinking of selling their PS4, then the thing you need to do is deactivate your PS4 immediately. Most people cannot figure out how to deactivate PS4 without waiting 6 months, so we bring to you a comprehensive guide that will help you get your PS4 deactivated without having to wait for so long.

Deactivate PS4 without Waiting 6 Months

When it comes to deactivating your PS4, there are two basic methods for it. Before trying the primary method, you can opt for this more straightforward method. For starters, go to the PlayStation support website and select the option that says ‘contact support’.

Choose Pre-Chats:

The next screen that’ll pop up will show pre-chats. Now, look through all the possible lists of available options. Upon scrolling down, you’ll find an option saying ‘Account Help’. This is the option we’re looking for. Once you click on this, select the Contact Us option, and you’ll then be asked to wait for about 20 minutes.

Contact the Support Team:

Once the time has elapsed, you’ll be able to chat with the support team. You’re supposed to let the support team know about the entire situation, whether it’s you selling your console or it has been hacked or stolen. You can elaborate on the fact that you’re unable to activate or access your PS4; hence you want to get your account deactivated.

The supporting team will assist you in every possible way. Moreover, if you’re looking for a prompt response, you can even call the support team instead of having a live chat with them.

Deactivate Using PS4’s Settings

Some people are unable to get their PlayStation deactivated even after following the method mentioned above. In cases like that, we have an alternative solution for you that won’t take you as long as six months either.

Select Account Management:

First things first, you’ll open the settings on your PlayStation. Then you’ll go to the account management section. Once you have selected that, select Activate as your primary PS4. Now, select Deactivate as your primary PS4. To confirm your option, choose Yes once you have chosen the deactivating option.

Confirm Deactivation:

Moving onto the most crucial step- to ensure your account has been deactivated, you’ll now restart your PlayStation once you have changed the settings. Keep in mind that this hack will only work when you first select Activate as your primary PS4. Only then can you select the Deactivate option later on.

For those who don’t know how to Activate their primary PS4, well the method is pretty simple and is summarized in the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the settings option on your PS4.
  2. Select Account Management.
  3. Choose Activate as your primary PS4, and you’re done!

How to Deactivate Primary PS4 From Website?

Another way of deactivating your primary PS4 is to go to the main Sony website. On your computer’s web page, go to the PlayStation network and sign via your own account after filling in your credentials. Once you have signed in, a navigation panel full of various options will appear on the left side of your screen. When you drag down a bit, you’ll come across the Device Management option. Select it.

Now click on the option that says ‘Play Station Games’. Once you have chosen this, an option saying deactivate all devices will appear on your screen. Choose the option and tap again to confirm your decision. With that being done, your PS4 has been deactivated in a matter of a few minutes!

Why am I unable to Deactivate my PS4?

Despite using all the above-mentioned methods, some people might remain unsuccessful in getting theirPS4 deactivated. This can be a consequence of multiple reasons. Sometimes, this problem arises when a hacker has hacked your account entirely and has deactivated it themselves.

You’ll now have to wait for six months, in that case, to deactivate your account once again. Another reason could be that your PS4 might have burned out; hence you’re unable to activate and then deactivate your PS4 immediately.


You can make use of several methods when trying to deactivate your PlayStation 4. There’s no particular method that can work for everyone; while some people might find the live-chat option helpful, others might feel that using the Sony website for deactivating is more useful.

With that being said, we hope you’ll find this article informative and won’t have to wait for six months to deactivate your PS4. The steps to deactivate are summarized below:

  1. Go to Settings, choose Account Management and select deactivate all devices.
  2. Sign in to your account using the Sony Website and confirm deactivation after selecting  Device Management.
  3. Contact the PlayStation Support Team via live chat and tell them to deactivate your PS4 for the stated reason.
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