How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 91 [FIXED]

Fortnite is a revolutionized game since its release in 2017. The fan base of Fortnite is increasing daily. It is undoubtedly one of the great games available to play on the three platforms, including PC, mobile device, or gaming console.

How well the game is, but it is a game at the end. Therefore, it has got problems and issues that you are bound to encounter. One of these stubborn issues is Fortnite Error Code 91 that is repeating and frequently occurring since the release of Fortnite. You may face it or have encountered it. Unfortunately, permanent solutions have not been developed yet, but you can minimize the issue to a greater extent using few simple solutions.

With that said, you are here, and you will have enough idea and understanding to diagnose the core cause of the problem and fix it yourself.

What is Fortnite Error Code 91?

It is a connectivity issue mostly encountered during playing in a public party. Whether you are playing on a PC, Mobile Device, or a gaming console, you can face this error.

Often you see a message stating that the party is not responding to join requests, and you are directed to try later. This way, you are not deprived of playing the game.

What are the Causes of Fortnite Error 91?

Down Server:

In most cases, the fundamental cause of the error is the server issue. You need to check for connectivity. If your device is receiving a working connection, then the error could be due to the official Fortnite server that may be down due to an issue.

It may happen multiple times. Therefore, you need to check out for it. You can confirm it by visiting the official website or Twitter account of Fortnite. If the server is the actual reason, then wait for it. When the server is on again, you can play the game without any hitch.

Missing DLL File:

One of the most widely occurring causes of the error is missing DLL files. They are the two most common errors, namely

  • MSVCP.140.DLL Missing Error
  • VCRUNTIME1140.DLL Missing Error

You are countering the former error due to the older version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. Install the latest version from the official Microsoft Website. Once you are done with downloading the MS VC++ Redistributables, you need to restart your computer. Then, launch Fortnite, and the DLL missing error will be fixed.

The latter error is not much different from the former one. It is also due to the outdated version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. By updating it, you can fix the DLL missing error and enjoy playing Fortnite smooth.

For other causes, let’s read processes to fix them.

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 91?

Till here, you have come across what error 91 is and what causes it. It is time to jump into the process of fixing the issue. As you read above, the fundamental reason could be connectivity.

Some gamers have concluded that switching to a private party can help you fix this issue, but it is not a practical solution. The issue is with Public Party, so if you switch to Public Party again, you will encounter the issue once again.

So, here’s a list of simple and effective processes to fix it:

Restarting the Game:

Restart Fortnite. When you close and restart the game again, the bugs causing the connectivity issues will be fixed automatically. A quick reboot is good to go.

If the error persists, try the other methods.

Restarting your Device:

Restarting your device can be a quick fix for the error. Restart the device you are playing Fortnite with, including PC, mobile, or gaming console. It has fixed the issues of many users.

It has been an effective method. Yet, the issue can occur again. So, try other methods, too.

Checking Your Internet Connection:

Consistent connection to a network can stop working. Consequently, you can face the connectivity issue named Fortnite Error Code 91. Thus, check out your internet connection.

Reopen your router or MODEM by unplugging it. Then, wait for a minute and turn it on again. If you use a mobile phone, turn off your cellular data, reconnect it again, and try again.

Checking for Files:

This time you have to check whether all the files are working correctly or not. Usually, you get a notification for any file not working correctly. But mostly, you have to adopt a proactive approach to check for corrupt files.

This proactive approach is simple, especially when you are playing on your PC. First, open Epic Games Launcher and drag to “Settings.” There in the “Setting” menu, head to “Verify.”

This tool will scan for the correct order of the file and let you know if it has any issues.

If you found any issue with files and drivers, download them from a trusted site manually.


This error might be hectic, but when you follow proper guidelines, you can quickly fix it. You have read on how to fix them. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Restarting the Game
  2. Restarting your Device
  3. Checking Your Internet Connection
  4. Checking for Files
  5. Updating Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

When you follow each step one by one, you will clear the error and enjoy playing Fortnite smoothly. Then, prepare a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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