How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6 [FIXED]

Are you facing the error while updating your PlayStation 4? You start the update process, but it does not complete, isn’t it? You feel worried and confuse about the cause of the error. You are getting frustrated and tensed due to the persistent encountering of the error despite your every effort got vain.

The error you face is PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6. It is an error that holds you back and never allows you to complete updating the System Software of your PS4. But, not to worry, as you have been covered here fully. Keep reading, and all your doubts and problems will meet a solution.

Let’s first start with the diagnosis of the issue.

Why PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6 Occurs?

Unpredicted Interruption during Update:

If you were installing the updates and got an unexpected interruption that affected your Update, you will face the issue. Once the update is interrupted, you can never expect it to install correctly.

Update Files are corrupted:

The primary reason for the error is the corrupted update files. When the files are corrupted, the Update can never be successfully completed. Consequently, your screen will pop up with the issue.

Unauthorized Update File:

Another reason is that the update files are not recognized by your PS4. It makes the Update fail. You may have downloaded the Update from an unofficial website or used the wrong firmware version.

PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6 [Fixed]

Well, any issue can be fixed. It is what you need to bear in mind. With proper solutions, you can fix the PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6 and update the System Software of your PS4.

Let’s jump straight into the four top solutions that you can apply and fix the issue. Here they are:

Method 1: Installing a Forced Update from the Setting Menu:

As you read earlier, a sudden interruption during the Update can break the file. As a result, the Update cannot complete. But there is a way to fix it.

You can fix the interrupted update file by forcing it to install from the Setting menu. Here is how to clear an interrupted update effortlessly:

  • Access the Notification area. You can do so by moving on to the dashboard menu and flick up the left thumbstick to access the horizontal bar at the top.
  • After accessing the notification area, use your controller and select the Update that fails to install. Delete it from the queue using the triangle button.
  • Now, the Update is clear from the queue. Come back to the main dashboard and head over to the Setting menu.
  • Inside the Setting menu, scroll down to select the System Software Update on your PS4.
  • After doing so, wait for the completion of the process.

It will install the Update without any error. But if the error repeats, consider the other methods.

Method 2: Install Update using Safe Mode:

Mainly, the issue arises since the system of your PS4 is not recognizing the update file. There is a way through which you can force your PS4 to install the Update from Safe Mode.

Let me give you a quick guide on how to install Update using Safe Mode:

  • Firstly, make sure that your PS4 has a strong internet connection.
  • Then, delete the incomplete updates that are in the queue using the steps mentioned in method 1.
  • After you are done with deleting the incomplete updates, it is time to put your PS4 console into Safe Mode.
  • Shut down your PS4 console by pressing the Power button.
  • Unplug the power cables and hold the Power button. It will drain the power out of the PS4 console.
  • Then, plug in the Power cables, and press and hold the Power button for few seconds until it sounds two Beeps.
  • Now, connect your DS4 controller using a USB cable and press the PS button on your controller.
  • It means that your PS4 is now running in Safe Mode.
  • You can select the third option, Update System Software, and select Update Using the Internet option. As you confirm, the Update will start.

You need to wait for the Update to be downloaded and installed, then restart your console and check for the issue. It will be resolved.

Method 3: Manually Installing the Pending PS4 Updates:

If you are reading till here, it means that the other two methods haven’t worked for you. It is the only method left that you can apply, and it will indeed resolve the issue. It is to install the pending updates manually, so you need to bear in mind a few requirements.

These requirements are:

  • A DS4 controller along with a compatible USB cable.
  • Mac or PC connected to a stable Internet.
  • A USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT32.

After you have all the mentioned requirements ready, follow the given steps to install the updates manually.

  • First, format your USB Flash Drive with a minimum of 4GB space.
  • After the format process, open your USB drive and create a new folder titled UPDATE.
  • Now, download the latest version of Update from the Official Download Website. Scroll down in the Download section and select the PS4 System Software Update File.
  • After the completion of the download, pass the file into the created folder in your USB drive.
  • Now, unplug the Flash Drive out of your Mac or PC and plug it into your PS4 console.
  • Shut down your console by pressing the Power button.
  • Access the Safe Mode (As mentioned in the above methods).
  • When you are in the Safe Mode with your DS4 controller connected to your PS4, select the Update System Software option.
  • Then, choose the first option, Update from USB Storage Device.
  • It will install the updates manually to your PS4. After the process is done, reboot your PS4.

This time the problem must have been resolved.


The update issue can be the PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6. It occurs mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Unpredicted Interruption during Update
  • Update Files are corrupted
  • Unauthorized Update File

But don’t worry; a quick recap of the solutions will help you fix the issue efficiently.

  • Manually Installing the Pending PS4 Updates
  • Install Update using Safe Mode
  • Installing a Forced Update from the Setting Menu

It will help you resolve the issue that doesn’t allow your PS4 to update.

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