How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft Using Anvil, Crafting Table & Grindstone

Minecraft has proved its greatness over time. Its fame is increasing every day. It provides incredible gameplay. The epic moment in the game is the use of a bow. But the bow breaks! It not only annoys the player but also compels them to ask, “How to repair a bow in Minecraft?”

If you have the same question in your mind, you are in the right place. Keep reading, and you’ll have the answer to this query.

How to Repair A Bow in Minecraft?

If you think that breaking the bow is annoying, its repairing is more fun. You can repair a bow in Minecraft using three different easy yet effective techniques. They are through the use of:

  1. An Anvil
  2. Crafting table, and
  3. Grindstone

You will learn the details about it later. Let’s dig out the major causes of the bow’s breaking:

Why A Bow Break?

You know that, like every other game, Minecraft contains items that have specific hit points (HP). A hit point is a value given to an item in any game that, once reached, stops its functions. An HP moves down as you use the item in the game.

On the excessive use of the bow in Minecraft, it runs out of its HP. Thus, the bow breaks. But it is not a big issue. You can repair it again.

Types of Bows in Minecraft:

You will see two kinds of bows in Minecraft:

  • Normal Bow
  • Enchanted Bow

The Normal Bow is typical. It comes with regular HP and abilities. You can use it for different purposes within the game. On the other hand, the Enchanted Bow has got increased power. It is much better than Normal Bow in performance.

You need to know that they are different in power and abilities only. Both of them break with use. You can repair both of them. But you wonder how to repair a bow in Minecraft? Let’s have a look at the repairing techniques:

Bow Repairing Techniques:

As mentioned before, you can use three techniques to repair a bow in Minecraft. Here they are:

1. Anvil


An Anvil is an effective way to repair your bow in Minecraft. When you want to repair your bow, your inventory needs to have an Anvil. But what if you have no Anvil? Don’t worry, Minecraft has got other features.

You can craft an Anvil of your own, or you can use a preexisting in a nearby village. Well, you may know that crafting an anvil of your own may need many iron ingots. If you have enough iron ingots, don’t wait! Craft your anvil because it will be worth it.

How to Craft Your Anvil?

As I mentioned, crafting your Anvil needs iron ingots. You must own at least four irons ingots. These four iron ingots will combine with three iron squares to craft an Anvil for you.


After the crafting, you will see the Anvil in your inventory. You can use it multiple times on various occasions.

The repairing process is halfway done. You will use the Anvil for the other half of the process. Here’s how:

How to Use An Anvil?

Follow this step-wise guide to use the Anvil effectively. Let’s get started:

  • First, open up the Anvil from the inventory.
  • Insert your bow in the First slot of the Anvil.
  • Put the bow repairing material in the next space.
  • After the process, the Anvil will give you a repaired bow.

It is a quick and primary method of repairing your bow in Minecraft. You can repair both types of bows in an Anvil by following these steps.

2. Crafting table


If you still have confusion and want to know how to repair a bow in Minecraft using other methods, the crafting table method is suitable to go.

It is such an efficient technique, but it does not make a crafting table for repairs. We will need to play a trick with it to repair our bow. You will need a crafting table for the process.

How to Create a Crafting Table?

When you want to create a crafting table in Minecraft, you require Wood Blocks. The minimum number of Wood Blocks you must have is four.

Video: YouTube/VIPmanYT

To create a crafting table, open Inventory (by pressing E). Now place your Wood Blocks in 2 by 2 manner on the crafting session. You will get a Crafting Table on the right side. Save it and start repairing your bow using the Crafting Table method.

How to Use A Crafting Table?

Using a crafting table is as easy as a piece of cake. But in the case of repairing your bow, it is tricky. The only requirement by a Crafting table is to place two identical items for the processing. Here’s a step-by-step method of using a crafting table:

  • First, open up your crafting table in Minecraft.
  • Place your two bows side by side on the table.
  • After the process, it will generate the resultant bow.
  • The resultant bow will be high in stats.

The crafting table method is effective in replacing the older items with new ones. You can repair the Normal Bow, but you cannot repair the Enchanted Bow. With that said, use the crafting table method as a last resort. You can use it if you lack the Anvil-making items.

3. Grindstone


A Grindstone in Minecraft is an effective tool that you can use for several purposes. One of those is the repairing of the Bow. You can find it for free. But I urge you to have your own. Similar to crafting an Anvil, you can craft a Grindstone for yourself.

How to Craft a Grindstone?

For crafting a Grindstone, you will need some ingredients. They are two sticks, a Stone Slab, and two Oak Planks. After you have all of them, open the crafting table. Place all the items, and you will get a Grindstone.

How to Use a Grindstone?

You can repair your broken bow with a Grindstone. Here’s how:

  • Open up a Grindstone.
  • Place two bows in the grinding slot.
  • Wait for it, and you will get a repaired bow.


A broken bow means loss of chill during the game. But it is not always the case. You have many enjoyable methods to repair your bow that makes your gaming experience even crispier. You have read the three enjoyable and working methods to repair your bow. You can use any one of them to repair your bow.

The repaired bow will have enhanced stats and durability. You can use any three of them. My favorite technique is the Anvil method because of its efficiency.


Why can’t I repair my bow in Minecraft?

Since the game has enchanting system that doesn’t add four enchantments naturally. Your bow needs to go through the anvil more than once, which is the reason why your bow is not repairing.

How many times can I repair my bow?

You can repair your bow to a limit. Each time you combine items with an anvil, the repairing cost doubles. When repairing cost reach 39, your limit to repair a bow reaches.

How do you fix a mending bow?

You can fix a mending bow when you make another bow. Kill a mob from a distance, and switch to a bow with mending. When you go and pick up the xp, it will fix the weapon instead of increasing the level.

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