PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected [FIXED]

PS4 offers a fun time with games. Everything is fine when you encounter an issue saying “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected”.

Though it is annoying, you need to consider looking after your PS4. You need proper troubleshooting to dodge any prolonged issues. The issue may be because of a problem with your Play Station 4. We will understand the problem. Then you will see a list of solutions to get rid of the issue and enjoy your gameplay.

Let’s get started with the troubleshooting of the issue:

Why You Encounter the Issue?

You need to understand the reason that let the PS4 show this issue. This issue, “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected,” appeared several years back. Although, the company fixed this issue. Yet many PS4 users find it annoying. Let’s diagnose the cause of this issue:

There are mainly two reasons. First, you may encounter this issue if you connect your PS4 to a weak and unstable Ethernet Cable. Also, few PS4 users had faced the issue when they updated and installed a new version of the firmware.

It is also possible that your PS4 console has got a problem with it. To diagnose your PS4 console, you can use another device on your PS4. If it is not working fine, then your PS4 console is at fault. Try to fix it first.

You need to understand the cause of the issue. There are plenty of ways to fix it. Here they are:

PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected? Try These Steps:

You don’t need to panic because here is a list of solutions that you can try. Each solution is as efficient and working as others. They are the following:

#1. Restart Your Router:

You can get rid of this issue simply by rebooting your router. Rebooting your router will fix the issue at the router end. The effective way to reboot a router is:

  • At first, remove all the cables from the router.
  • A little time forward put it back again.
  • A reboot will start. After a successful reboot, follow these steps:
  • Open “Setting,” then “Network,” then “Set Up Internet Connection,” and select “Use a LAN Cable.”
  • Select “Easy,” and “Internet Setting Updated” notification will pop up.

#2. Insert LAN Cable into the Halfway Port:

When you have damaged your PS4 LAN port, you can use this method for LAN cable connectivity. Simply insert the LAN cable into the Halfway Port and wait for a little. The PS4 will detect the cable, and you can use the PS4 with a stable internet connection.

#3. Edit Your DNS Setting on PS4:

Your Domain Name System (DNS) may have an issue. If you replace your DNS with other DNS settings, you may solve this issue. Consider replacing your DNS setting with Google’s DNS or Cloud Flare DNS setting. It will not only resolve the issue but also improve the speed of your network.

Video: YouTube/TheDroidGuy

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it:

  • Open “Setting,” then “Network,” and then “Setup Network Connection.”
  • Click on “LAN Cable,” and Select “Custom
  • Now, Choose “Automatic IP Address Settings
  • Don’t select a specific DHCP hostname
  • Select “Manual” below the DNS settings
  • Keep Primary DNS as “,” and Secondary DNS as “
  • Choose “Automatic” for MTU Settings
  • Do Not Use” for Proxy Server

As you check your internet connection, you will amaze to see your PS4 LAN connection is working fine.

#4. Rebuild Database on Your PS4:

It has been an effective and powerful way of fixing the internet connectivity issue. Its time of completion depends on the data you have stored in your drive. The more you have data stored in your drive, the longer it will take to rebuild the database of your PS4.

Video: YouTube/Altoelder

Follow this step-wise tutorial:

  • Turn off your PS4
  • Press the Power Button for about 10 seconds.
  • You will hear a BEEP sound (Your Console will start in Safe Mode).
  • Use your USB charging cable and link it with your PS4 console.
  • Press the Play Station Button on your controller
  • Scroll down using the D-Button,
  • Select Rebuild Database using the X-Button.

It will take some time to complete. As it completes, you will see a loading screen followed by the home screen. Then, sign in to your Play Station Account using the LAN Cable to connect your PS4.

How To Avoid This Issue?

If you want to avoid this issue, try to follow all these tips:

  • You can use CAT 5 cable instead of CAT 6 or 7 LAN cable.
  • You can try plugging the cable into another port in your Router.
  • You can switch to another router if possible for you.
  • Try to clean up the Ethernet post because this may be the reason for the issue.
  • Try to check for the cable if it has been bent underneath something.
  • You can try changing the MTU settings of your PS4 console.
  • You can connect the LAN cable to your USB port on the PS4 console using an Ethernet USB dongle.


You can fix your “PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected” issue by following this detailed guide. First, diagnose the cause of the issue and then apply any of the four methods mentioned in this guide. These methods are:

  • Restart your router
  • Insert LAN Cable into the Halfway Port
  • Edit your DNS setting on PS4
  • Rebuild Database on your PS4

You can try any of these methods. It will help you get rid of the PS4 connectivity issue. Try it yourself and provide us with feedback. Enjoy!


How Can I Connect my PS4 with a LAN cable?

  • First, connect one slot of the Ethernet Cable to a Port on the router and the other slot to the PS4 console.
  • Then, turn on both the router and PS4
  • Select “Settings” on the home screen of your PS4
  • Choose “Network,” “Set Up Internet Connection,” “Use LAN Cable,” and then “Easy.”

Which is the most suitable Ethernet Cable for PS4?

The most suitable Ethernet Cable for your PS4 is the DanYee CAT 7.

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