PS4 Error Code WS-37368-7 | How To Unban PSN Account

In this article, we aimed to assist you in resolving the Error Code WS-37368-7 (How To Unban PSN Account). Some of the most effective methods, along with their quick steps.

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of playing PlayStation 4 nowadays. The smooth gaming experience is a treat for any die-hard gamer out there who loves playing something that feels truly realistic as well as spectacular.

However, just like any other gaming software, many users are met with different types of PS4 errors. These errors vary in terms of their root cause and their relative solutions.

All in all, what matters is that they might cause hindrance while you’re trying to play your game. One of such alarming errors is the error code WS-37368-7. However, fret not because we’re here to save your day. Not only will we tell you some quick methods of resolving this issue, but we will also tell you ways to avoid the error code WS-37368-7 from occurring again. With that being said, let’s get started.

What is the PS4 WS-37368-7 error?

First things first, to understand how you can resolve this error, it is important to know what type of error is and what it means. When you’re experiencing this error, it basically can mean two things; one that your PSN account has been suspended or temporarily/completely banned.

Secondly, in some cases, it can also mean that you’re having connectivity issues. If you ever violate the Terms of Service of PlayStation, there is a chance that you might face this error.

Causes of WS-37368-7 :

After researching, we have found that more than a single issue can cause this error code to occur. Some of the causes are mentioned below:

  1. Account suspended temporarily
  2. Account banned completely
  3. Server Outage
  4. Internet connectivity issues
  5. Unable to log in to the PSN account

How to Unban PSN Account Or Fix WS-37368-7?

Without further ado, we bring you some quick fixes for the WS-37368-7 error.

Check Your Email

If you still can’t figure out why you’re getting the WS-37368-7 error, you can try checking your email account to see if you have received any official mail from Sony. You’re your account is suspended or banned from Sony’s system, you’ll receive an email about it. Check your main folder as well as your spam folder.

Make a New PSN Account

If your connection is working fine and there’s no hint of any server outage, then your account might be suspended or banned. If that is the case, make a new PSN account. In this way, you’ll overcome the problem and will be able to access your game from the new account.

Restart The Router

A very simple yet effective tip is to reboot your router in an attempt to refresh the connections. Sometimes, networking equipment gets overheated or stops working when left on for too long; hence restarting the router is always helpful! Please turn off the router, let it rest for about a minute, and then turn it on.

First, let the device stabilize and wait for all the lights to turn on, and then connect your console to the network. Log into your PSN account and check if the error has gone away.

Perform a Speed Test

It is always recommended to perform a speed test to learn about your internet’s speed and check whether the problem lies there or not. First, go to the main settings, select network, go to the connection status, and then choose test internet connection. This will help clear out whether the problem lies with the internet, PSN, or IP.

Look For Server Issues

You will sometimes face multiple errors only because the server is down or not working properly. In times like these, you can restart your device; however, if that doesn’t work, you can go to the PlayStation network server website and check the server’s working status.

Review the Terms of Service

Well, when all your best techniques fail, it is time you go back and revise the terms and conditions of PS4. Your account might be suspended or banned, and you can confirm that by reviewing the terms and thinking whether you’ve violated any of the clauses.

You can easily find the link on the official PlayStation website to take you to the main terms and conditions page.

Try Signing in on Other Devices

This error code means that you won’t be able to log into your PSN account at all since your account is suspended. Try logging into your account via other devices like your phone or computer to check if that’s the case or you’re facing some credentials issues.

If you can successfully sign in to the PSN on a different device and can do online transactions on it but not on your gaming console, then your device is banned only. If your console is banned, whether temporary or permanent, you cannot sign in to your main PSN account.

Contact Sony Support Team

Lastly, if none of the methods above has helped get rid of the WS-37368-7 error code, all you can now do is contact the support team via live message, email, or call. All the contact information about Sony is mentioned on their website. For prompt answers, we suggest you call them and inquire about your queries.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we aimed to assist you in resolving the error code WS-37368-7. Some of the most effective methods, along with their quick steps, were mentioned above. Most of the time, any one of the above methods will surely solve the issue; however, if none works for you, you should contact the Sony team.

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