PS4 Error NW 31295-0 | PS4 Can’t Connect to WIFI [FIXED]

Being an epic gaming console, the PlayStation 4 has ruled over the gaming industry for quite a long time now. Even after the launch of the PlayStation 5, it still remains to be the first choice of a massive number of gaming enthusiasts. Despite the immense popularity of the PlayStation 4, many die-hard players have been reported to have faced the error code NW-31295-0. This issue is usually encountered while trying to establish a connection with the Wi-Fi Network.

Those individuals who happen to have a wired LAN connection never complained about facing the same issue. Hence, you can say that this particular issue is only associated with Wi-Fi networks.

Since a majority of the PlayStation gamers use Wi-Fi instead of the LAN connection, this error becomes very annoying for them. If you happen to be among those struggling with this issue, don’t worry, as our article aims to help you fix it.

What Is the PS4 Error Code NW-31295-0?

The error code NW-31295-0 is reported to be encountered usually when an attempt to connect to a Wi-Fi network is made and your ps4 won’t connect to wifi. An inconsistent or weak Wi-Fi network is said to be the primary cause of this error. However, there are several other reasons that might be the potential causes behind the occurrence of this error.

Causes Behind the Error Code NW-31295-0

Many people agree that there may be several causes linked to the error code NW-31295-0. For a better understanding, we have listed some of these potential causes down for you.

  1. The PlayStation Network is Down

Some affected users report that the error code NW-31295-0 can occur if Sony is in the process of updating its servers.

  1. The Distance Between Your PlayStation and the Router

The distance between your PlayStation console and your Wi-Fi router could also be a potential reason behind the error code NW-31295-0. If your internet router is placed far from your console, it means that the signal reception would be weak, hence causing an unstable connection.

  1. TCP/IP Inconsistency

Inconsistency in the IP or TCP may also be a possible cause behind the error code NW-31295-0.

  1. Poor DNS Range

Depending upon your Internet Service Provider, a poor DNS range can also facilitate the apparition of this error. This typically happens with level 3 ISPs but can be fixed if you switch from the default DNS to the Google-provided range.

Methods To Fix NW-31295-0 | PS4 Cannot Connect to wifi within time limit

Now that we know the causes behind the error code NW-31295-0, let’s discuss the methods you can follow to fix the issue.

Method 1: Checking the Status of PSN Service

Before making efforts and trying any other fixes, you must verify whether Sony is dealing with a PSN issue or not. You can do this by visiting the PSN Status Page.

Once you’ve opened the page, you are required to check every sub-category and notice if Sony is reporting problems with the Account management function or the PlayStation Store. If an underlying server problem is noticed, you cannot do anything to fix the issue as Sony will automatically resolve it.

Method 2: Establish a Strong Network Connection

Weak signals can not only cause the error code NW-31295-0, but they can also disrupt your gaming experience. There are multiple solutions to solving this problem so that you can resolve your issue.

The first solution consists of bringing your console closer to your Wi-Fi router or vice versa. Other than that, you can also consider getting a Wi-Fi expander so that you can boost the Wi-Fi signals and increase the signal strength. However, the highest preferable option is to establish a LAN connection, so you don’t have to face connectivity problems.

Method 3: Reboot or Reset

Several problems, such as the inconsistency in the TCP, can simply be solved by rebooting or resetting your Wi-Fi router.

Rebooting your router means that you would have to turn it off for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on. On the flip side, resetting means that your router will return to its factory state, and all custom settings will be cleared.

Method 4: Switch to Google DNS

One method to resolve DNS-related issues that cause the error NW-31295-0 is to manually switch to Google DNS. Depending upon your internet service provider, your home network might be assigned a bad DNS range which may affect the network on your PlayStation console.

If you think that your problem is related to the DNS settings, here is how you can change them.

  1. Open the setting on your PlayStation console.
  2. Choose Set Up Internet Connection in the Network menu.
  3. Choose Wireless from the available options and select Custom to control the DNS range.
  4. To advance to the DHCP Host Name, choose the IP Address and select Automatically.
  5. Do Not Specify the DHCP Host Name and modify the two entries to the following values inside DNS Settings.

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

Method 5: Update Your PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode

Perhaps, the best method to fix the error code NW-31295-0 is to update your PlayStation console in safe mode. Many gamers report that if the system software of PlayStation is not updated for a long time or isn’t on the latest version, it may be a reason behind the occurrence of the error NW-31295-0.

The safest way to update your PlayStation console is to put it in safe mode and then initialize the update.


Whether minor or major, errors can cause serious problems for gaming enthusiasts. However, if proper instructions and methods are followed, these errors can be easily eliminated. Once eliminated, you can get back to having an uninterrupted gaming experience on your beloved gaming console.

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