Why Can’t I Sign Into PlayStation Network on My PS4

The Internet has changed the way people live their life. Online gaming is one of the most significant changes you would have ever seen. Although these changes have given us some fruitful ease, they have gifted us with many problems and issues. PS4 is an excellent way of entertainment when you play games via it.

But sometimes, you are trying to play your favorite game, and it is not working because a network error is popping up. You may wonder, “Why can’t I sign into PlayStation Network on my PS4?

You were frightened and thought that you had encountered some severe damage in your PS4. It is indeed an issue but not a fatal one. You can still use your PS4 after you try few methods on your PS4.

Let’s read and understand the causes of the issue to fix them.

Why Can’t I Sign Into PlayStation Network on My PS4?

Digging deeper into the causes of the issue, you will understand various causes of the issue. If you understand and avoid them, you will eliminate the issue and enjoy playing your favorite game on your PS4.

Here they are:

You Entered Wrong Login Credentials:

It is the most common error with anyone who wants to log into an account. The same goes with your PlayStation Network sign-in. You are mistyping your login credentials, such as username or password. That’s why; you are not getting signed into your PSN.

The PlayStation Network server is down:

When the PSN (PlayStation Network) server is down, you cannot sign in to your PSN. It is a widely occurring problem. You can only connect to your PSN when the server is on—the reason when the server is down maybe its maintenance.

If you want to test your internet connection, follow the steps:

First, go to “Setting.” Then, head to “Network” and then “Test Internet Connection.” It will show you when your console is connected to the Internet.

Your IP has Changed or Banned by PlayStation:

Are you doing something suspicious for the Artificial Intelligence of the PlayStation Network? When the AI of the PSN server detects something unfamiliar activities from your IP address, it bans your IP address.

That’s why; you see an error code WS-37397-9. When you encounter it, interpret that AI has banned your IP address. Therefore, you cannot sign in to your PSN of the PS4.

You have an Unstable Internet Connection:

Internet connection plays a vital role in the facile sign-in process. If you have an internet connection that is not fast and stable, you will find it challenging to log in to any account or even surf the Internet.

How to Fix “Playstation Network Sign-In Failed”:

You have in your mind the question, “Why can’t I sign in to PlayStation Network on my PS4?” has got answer above. It is necessary to look for solutions to the causes mentioned above.

Look nowhere, here we go:

#1. Try Automatic Login:

For fixing the first cause, automatic login is the best practice. Automatic login is an effective way of the input of login credential that is saved in your console. It is found in your PS4, but this option is off by default. So, you have to turn it on to use it.

Follow these steps to turn on the Automatic Login in your PS4:

Step 1: Head to “Setting” in your console.

Step 2: Select the User Option.

Step 3: Go to “Login Setting” and tick the “Log in PS4 Automatically” option.

Step 4: Reboot your console and try to log in.

#2. Update Your PS4 System Software:

It is necessary to keep the system software of your PS4 updated. There are two ways of doing so. One is to update it manually, and the other via an external storage device.

Let’s learn how to update the system software of your PS4 in easy steps:

Step 1: Head to “Setting” in your console.

Step 2: Select the “System Software Update” and then “Update Now.”

Step 3: After the completion of the download, you will read the System Software License Agreement. Then, select Accept and hit the X button of your DS4 controller to confirm your choice.

Step 4: Log in to your PSN and see if the problem still appears.

#3. Disable Media Server Connection:

Media server connection can be a significant cause of the issue. When you disable it, you can solve the issue. To disable the media server connection, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Move to “Setting” in your console.

Step 2: Choose the “Network” from the Setting Menu.

Step 3: The Media Server Connection option pops up, click on it and disable it.

#4. Reset Your PS4 to Factory Settings:

You still see the problem; it is the best solution for it. When you reset your PS4 to default settings, the “PlayStation Network Sign-In: Failed” issue will resolve. The pitfall of this method is that it will erase all your data on your internal drive. However, if you have no critical data, it is the best way to fix it.

Here’s the stepwise solution to it:

Step 1: Aim to “Setting” in your console.

Step 2: Choose “Initialization” from the Menu.

Step 3: Choose Initialize PS4 option, click on “Full” for a full factory reset.

And you are all done with it. These methods would have solved the issue.


When your PS4 deny giving you access to your PlayStation Network (PSN), it could be due to several reasons such as:

  • You Entered Wrong Login Credentials:
  • The PlayStation Network server is down
  • Your IP has Changed or Banned by PlayStation
  • You have an Unstable Internet Connection

You can fix all of them by following these methods:

  • Try Automatic Login:
  • Update Your PS4 System Software
  • Disable Media Server Connection
  • Reset Your PS4 to Factory Settings

After you have diagnosed and fixed the sign-in issue of your PS4, you can easily use it to play your favorite game and enjoy.

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