PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 [FIXED]

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Since its release in November 2013, PlayStation 4 has proved to be an epic gaming console. It is used by gamers worldwide, and some may even say that it is the ideal gaming platform.

However, when it comes to technology, nothing is perfect and shows errors after some time. The same is the case with the PlayStation 4, as it gives several errors causing problems for gaming enthusiasts.

One of the common errors that are reported by a growing number of players is the PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4. Many of these players look forward to solving this error code without having any prior knowledge about it.

The fact that you’re reading this article shows that you may also be facing the same DNS error. Well, worry no more, you’re right where you should be, and we will help you get rid of this error.

What Does the PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 Mean?

Being one of the annoying errors, the DNS Error NW-31253-4 appears on your console when the DNS (Domain Name System) settings of your LAN or Wi-Fi connection go wrong.

To be more specific, this issue is faced mainly due to problems with your home internet connection. Due to these problems, you won’t be able to access the PlayStation Network, and hence, online gaming won’t be possible.

What Causes the PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4?

There are quite a number of possible reasons behind the occurrence of the DNS Error NW-31253-4.

Unresponsive Router

If your PlayStation 4 cannot establish a strong connection to the servers, there may be a problem with your router. If the routers are left to run for a long time period, they may stop working properly. Consequently, an unresponsive router may be the root of your problem.

To prevent any such thing from happening, it is recommended that you reboot your network equipment after short time intervals.

ISP Provided DNS Is Down

Whenever you get an internet connection, by default, all of the devices at your house will use the ISP-provided DNS settings. If you encounter even a simple problem such as trouble pulling up websites, it is highly likely that the DNS provided by your ISP is down.

Router Firewall Settings

At certain times, your router tends to block certain ports that are required by your PlayStation console to establish a connection. This turns out to be a reason behind the occurrence of the DNS Error NW-31253-4.

The Hacks to Fix DNS Error NW-31253-4

Even though they aren’t considered to be, but the solutions to the DNS Error NW-31253-4 are rather simple and easy. Listed down below are the hacks that may help you deal with the DNS Error NW-31253-4.

Hack 1: Checking for PSN Server Issues

Before you go on and perform any troubleshooting on your home network or your PlayStation console, the first check that you should perform is a PSN server issue check.

Performing this simple check will not only save your time, but it will also save your effort as several errors, such as the DNS Error NW-31253-4, are a direct result of a problem in the PSN server.

Hack 2: Power Cycle the Router

If you’ve performed the check as mentioned above, but the issue isn’t resolved, your next move would be to reboot your router. This happens to be the simplest solution to get rid of minor bugs in the network. However, when you turn off the router, make sure to wait at least 30 seconds before turning it on.

Hack 3: Run a Speed Test

To determine whether the speed of the internet is the root of the problem, you can perform a speed test. The process and the displayed result would be similar to performing a speed test on your mobile phone or computer. Several details such as the IP address, the internet connection status, NAT type as well as the upload and download speeds would be shown in the test results.

Hack 4: Change DNS Settings

Hundreds of free, as well as premium DNS servers, are available, and you can use the one that suits you. While a majority of the gamers prefer to use the free DNS servers, you also have the choice to buy a premium DNS.

If there are limitations with your IP address, you would have to change your DNS server in order to access the online PlayStation services. Below are the steps that you would have to follow to change the DNS settings on your console.

  1. Go to Settings, select Network under the Setup Internet Connection Option, and then choose Wi-Fi or LAN according to your network situation.
  2. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, select custom under the Wi-Fi Network option, and in the IP Address Settings, select Automatic. In the DNS settings, you are required to select Manual, and the DHCP Host Name shouldn’t be used.
  3. If you’re using a LAN cable, select custom under the IP Address Settings and set it to Automatic. Then, you are required to set the DNS settings to Manual, and the DHCP Host Name also shouldn’t be used.
  4. Now input the following Primary and Secondary DNS.
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  1. Once DNS settings are done, you are required to click on Next and select Automatic in the MTU Settings. After that, you are required to choose the Do Not Use the option in the Proxy Server. Once this is done, the process of changing the DNS Settings would be complete, and you can check whether your issue is resolved or not.


The DNS Error NW-31253-4 is one of the common DNS Errors faced by PlayStation users. However, with our above-mentioned hacks, you may be able to crack your way into solving this problem, hence, enjoying an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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